Employee POS/Manager Override Biometrics

Companies from international giants to small local chains are investing in theft and fraud prevention technology to reduce their biggest and most complex shrink problems. Leading these technological solutions is biometrics — the strongest proof of presence available.

Secure Transactions for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Fingerprint biometrics is one of the most cost-effective and efficient-to-deploy technologies that retailers can implement today to prevent theft at the point of sale (POS). Most retailers experience a return on their investment in a matter of weeks and —because biometrics are integrated into most POS hardware and software solutions on the market — they are a snap to deploy.

In a nutshell, fingerprint biometrics provide proof of presence, irrefutably linking individuals to their transactions. Because fingerprint biometrics cannot be shared, lost or stolen, employees cannot pretend to be someone else. This prevents many common forms of employee theft and holds them accountable for their actions. Biometrics (most often fingerprint readers) combat the three biggest shrink challenges: theft, failure to pay and noncompliance. Biometric identification technology provides a convenient and cost-effective way to stop employee fraud and theft at point of sale.

Key Benefits:

  • Holds employees accountable with a biometric audit log of activities
  • Prevents unauthorized overrides
  • Reduces IT costs by elimination of card and token provisioning and password resets
  • Eliminates shrinkage by ensuring managers must be present to approve voids, return authorizations, and discounts
  • Avoids phantom inventory creation due to unauthorized transaction overrides
  • Speeds transaction time and improves workflow with faster logon
  • Resolves risky situations quickly and easily while meeting compliance requirements with improved insights, analytics, and reporting
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by making every transaction faster, including self-check-out for age verification