Banking and Teller Services

Biometric Technology Solutions for Banking Services

The goal of any financial transaction is to conveniently provide a service regardless of the channel (ATM, mobile, website or in banking branch) while verifying the identity of the individual to whom the service is being provided. Managing risk is a matter of balancing security and convenience.

Biometric authentication technology provides this capability with the highest level of certainty, which is why it is increasingly popular for securing all types of financial transactions, including combatting internal fraud with secure employee authorization controls. Only biometric recognition technology can bind credentials to a person. HID Global’s biometric technology is playing an important role in eliminating fraud in today’s increasingly complex and vulnerable banking environment.

Key Benefits

  • Secure proof of presence authentication and audit log of all bank employee transactions
  • Improved employee productivity and simplified network access
  • Reduced IT help desk costs linked to lost or stolen passwords or USB keys
  • Fast log-in access and optimized operations with the ability to quickly authenticate between multiple users and custom accessibility of actions depending on the user’s authorization level
  • Increased customer service due to the speed with which bank tellers can perform services as well as peace of mind that the clients’ assets are secure
  • Insights, analytics and reporting make it easy to resolve risky situations quickly while meeting data compliance requirements
  • Compliance with government regulations and safeguards like anti-money laundering laws (AML) and know your customer (KYC)
  • Optimized banking security that encrypts data to protect the organization but is seamless to the user and convenient to use