Corporate Banking Solutions (ja)




OPPORTUNITIES CHALLENGES Banks have unparalleled access tocorporate clients and therefore are wellpositioned to become ID provider Strong expertise in risk management –strong argument for customers’ trust Perform as trusted advisor to theirclients – key differentiator in anincreasingly competitive market Provide payment and accountinfrastructure - Improving efficiency anddecrease cost of compliance programs Hyper ConnectedWorld IncreasingCompetition GrowingFraud Regulation/ComplianceRequirements Operational excellence and simplifiedbusiness models – Rise of newtechnologies will create opportunitiesto build new efficient processes Innovation and sustaining leadershipposition - Building competitivedifferentiator require to develop newcapabilities Growing fraud and cyber threats arepushing organizations to look atadaptive security solutions Investing in compliance – Creatingadequate tools to comply will becritical