Panasonic Partners With HID To Offer Iris Template Verification In Card Format.

Las Vegas, NV (March 31, 2004) – Panasonic Security Systems has partnered with HID Corporation to offer a highly secure authentication and identification verification solution employing Panasonic's highly touted iris recognition systems and HID's populariCLASS™ contactless smart cards and readers. The primary architecture of the HID/Panasonic Iris Recognition solution is to store an iris image on an HID iCLASS contactless smart card, and use Panasonic Iris Recognition System to verify that the iris image on the card matches that of the card holder. The non-invasive authentication process is fast and virtually impossible to duplicate.

"The marriage of these two technologies provides security professionals with a multitude of system configuration possibilities since the authentication and identification process can be implemented in conjunction with server based iris files, or stand-alone in remote areas where the Panasonic Iris Recognition System is used to verify that access cards can only be used by their respective owners," said Frank Abram, Vice President, Panasonic Security Systems.

The Panasonic/HID authentication solution can be used stand-alone or with a backend server to perform user authentication. By placing the biometric templates on a centralized server, all authentications, permissions for authorization, and security logging and monitoring can be easily handled. If a card is lost or stolen, a new card can be generated quickly and easily without doing a new biometric enrollment.

In addition to providing highly secure physical access authentication and identification, the Panasonic BM-ET300/500 Iris Recognition Systems feature on-board video surveillance cameras that interface with Panasonic's industry leading line of video security and surveillance systems products. As a result, the unit offers the added capability to capture video coverage of individuals looking to gain entry access to a facility. This is a unique system feature available only with Panasonic's iris recognition systems.

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Panasonic Security Systems leads the world in digital video technology. The company's comprehensive line includes Super Dynamic II DSP cameras and dome systems, digital video recorders, matrix and sequential switching systems, control software, comprehensive network solutions, monitors, lenses, peripheral devices, and iris recognition access control and authentication systems.