HID Introduces OEM Reader Module.

Irvine, CA (January 10, 2000) In an effort to help access control system manufacturers and other integrators take advantage of the growing demand for HID proximity products, HID is now offering its patented RFID technology as a new, discretely packaged integrated circuit called the eProx MCM (Multi-Chip Module). The eProx MCM offers all the benefits of HID proximity technology in a chip small enough to embed in almost any product design, or to surface-mount to an existing PCB board.

The eProx MCM design takes advantage of the fact that most electronic modules already include such features as regulators, beepers, LEDs and transient surge protection. By eliminating these peripheral components, HID was able to reduce the size of a functional proximity identification device from a board to a single integrated circuit. Product designers can use the eProx MCM as the building block around which HID-compatible proximity readers are designed.

"This new product emphasizes HID's ongoing market strategy of expanding the number of applications and products that can incorporate Prox by HID technology," said Joe Grillo, Executive Vice President of HID. "The eProx MCM represents the lowest cost, fully featured OEM module in the RF industry, one that meets the needs of manufacturers in a wide range of industries."

The eProx MCM is a surface-mount chip that is small enough to fit into almost any package design. HID provides a comprehensive Developer's Kit and technical design support with each eProx MCM product.