HID Global Extends Its iCLASS SE Platform with Credential Encoding Solution that Simplifies Migration to Higher Security and Mobile Access

News Highlights:

  • The iCLASS SE Encoder is offered as a desktop solution for organizations to encode and instantly issue cards with current and future credential technologies, using a single device.
  • The encoder enables easy migration to the security, adaptability and portability of the iCLASS SE platform.
  • Solution provides the ultimate in flexibility by allowing customers to create and manage their own keys or use HID Global’s iCLASS and SE Elite program.

CHICAGO, September 24, 2013 ASIS International HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced its new iCLASS SE® Encoder, a desktop solution and developer toolkit (DTK) that enables organizations to encode and instantly issue cards using a single device. The multi-technology encoder makes it easier for customers to migrate from current technologies to the higher security, adaptability and portability of the company’s iCLASS SE access control platform.  The solution gives organizations the convenience of encoding a broad range of current and future technologies, with the option for customers to create and manage keys and configure readers locally or through HID Global’s iCLASS® and SE Elite program. Come see HID Global’s iCLASS SE Encoder at ASIS 2013 in booth #329 at McCormick Place, South Hall from September 24-26, 2013.

“Migrating current systems to operate with our iCLASS SE platform has never been easier with the new iCLASS Encoder that empowers customers to encode and format an extensive range of credential technologies, on demand, through an easy and straightforward process,” said Helmut Dansachmueller, vice president of Product Marketing, Credentials and Embedded Technologies with HID Global. “HID Global’s goal with the encoder is to give users the technology flexibility and confidence in their access control systems investments as they move to high frequency and future technologies.”   

The iCLASS SE Encoder provides an entirely open solution and that allows organizations to encode multiple credential technologies, including both Genuine HID® and third-party credentials, in order to upgrade existing card populations for use with iCLASS SE platform readers. For maximum interoperability, the solution supports Seos®, iCLASS SE, standard iCLASS, MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE DESFire® EV1.  The encoder also supports 125 MHz HID Prox® for encoding Prox credentials as well as migrating from HID Prox to high frequency technologies. Users can seamlessly and easily migrate from one technology to another by simply extracting access control data from an existing card and writing it to the new credential, without having to manually input data or understand encoding details.  For even higher security, users can “wrap” their access control data within a Secure Identity Object™ (SIO) and then write it back to the same card.  Based on open architecture, the encoder enables SIOs to be added to the full range of supported cards, including MIFARE and DESFire credentials.

HID Global is also introducing a flexible credential encoding applet structure that is based on an easy-to-manage credit system. Users install only the applets they require for the technology credentials they currently need, and can add applets to support other existing or future technology credentials over time.  In addition, the iCLASS SE Encoder is field-programmable and upgradeable for added versatility. 

The encoder is part of HID Global’s award-winning iCLASS SE platform, which empowers users to implement a combination of credential technology, traditional smart cards and smartphones that meet the specific needs of their access control system.  HID Global also plans to offer credential encoding capabilities via its FARGO® printer line and its HID Secure Identity Services™ portal.   


The iCLASS SE Encoder is available in limited quantities with full availability by end of Q4 2013.

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