PKI Solutions and IoT Device Security

HID Global's PKI solutions leverage the combined proven experience and expertise of two industry-leading PKI organizations, IdenTrust® and HydrantID™, to create truly unique offerings that include cloud-based PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS), TLS/SSL and digital certificates.

PKI Without the Complexity

HID Global's digital certificates and PKIaaS provide the identity-validated, public and private trust PKI necessary to conduct e-commerce, authenticate to regulated and government websites, and secure communications between machines, network endpoints, mobile devices, secure virtual servers and IoT devices. Our solutions and services are critical for securing information and digital assets inside or outside the firewall.

HID's PKI solutions and services provide:

  • Digital certificates for document signing, code signing, email signing and encryption, TLS/SSL, and trusted by U.S. Federal and State government agencies
  • Assurance, integrity and confidentiality of data streams between IoT devices and cloud services as well as Edge IoT devices
  • Best-in-class PKI without losing control of your trusted digital assets while having predictable costs with our subscription pricing model and avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Scalability to manage millions of devices with our lifecycle automation and out-of-the-box integrations

A Broad Selection of PKI Solutions

HID Global solves the pain points of large complex organizations, medium enterprises and small businesses — all while complying with government or other industry rules and regulations.

A flexible, cloud-based managed PKI solution that automates and scales certificate provisioning for every system and device.
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IoT Device Identity Management
Automate certificate provisioning and IoT device identity lifecycle management to support billions of secure IoT devices.
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Certificate Lifecycle Management
Protect your enterprise against certificate
related outages and cyber attacks with trusted identities for every use case.
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Digital Certificates
Experience digital certificates that prove
identity and secure communications
and digital signing.
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Enterprise SSL
Secure every server with one low, fixed
subscription fee and the flexibility
to mix and match certificate types.
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Enterprise Timestamping
Establish secure, trusted timestamps with Time Stamping Authority (TSA) that are audited without managing infrastructure.
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Industry-Leading PKI Experience

HID's PKI services enable organizations to solve a wide variety of business and information security challenges. Our solutions for financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies and enterprises secure millions of devices, machines, virtual services and trusted transactions — delivering billions of validations yearly.

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Simplify PKI With Automation

Manually managing device security is challenging to scale quickly, and it introduces additional risks. To keep up with a growing ecosystem of IoT devices, HID PKIaaS allows businesses to deploy policy-based automation and rules — ensuring every device and endpoint on their network is secured with digital certificates. Our automation connectors work in compliance with configured rules and policies without requiring a manual touchpoint.

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PKI Use Cases

HID Global helps secure machines, virtual servers and other devices connected to networks and IoT. Using the security of PKI as the foundation, our solutions address varied customer needs across a wide range of use cases.

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