HID Textile Services Laundry and Linen Management

Laundry management uses RFID technology to effectively manage commercial or private linens, garments or mats, optimizing inventory and reducing human error in washing and billing processes.


HID Textile Services provides a real-time inventory management solution combining linen management software, RFID tags, equipment and cloud services to efficiently identify, track and manage linen and textile assets. For institutions that require a constant flow of clean linen, uniforms, work wear, medical garments, or janitorial supplies, HID Textile Services enable automated systems to track large volumes of individual items faster and more accurately.

Key Facts

  • Complete visibility over your linen inventory…anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time analytics and reports to optimize your business operations
  • Latest generation RFID tags and linen tracking technology (table- top stations, cabins and handheld readers)
  • 50+ major installations at laundries, hotels and hospitals worldwide — contact us for references >>

Building Blocks

Solution Components

ACUITY, our advanced and proven technology platform, combines powerful software suites, RFID tags, hardware and services, and adapts to our customers’ evolving requirements in terms of linen stock volumes and multiple site deployments. Explore solutions to help meet the needs of your most complex linen inventory challenges.


HID’s ACUITY linen management platform enables real-time inventory availability and visibility over textile assets, from linen manufacturers to industrial laundry groups and their customers in the Hospitality and Healthcare industries. Explore solutions to help meet the needs of your most complex laundry and linen management challenges.

Industrial Laundry
With a clear vision over your customer linen stocks, you can focus on reducing your total cost of operation and make better business decisions.

Our linen inventory management solution, backed by the expertise, experience and innovation we are known for, provides a real-time sight line into your linen availability.

Secure and ease your linen management services so you can better focus on patient care — especially in this era of an ever-more demanding clientele.