Healthcare IoT


Solving for unique location-based challenges can be complex, costly and difficult to manage. HID connects multiple point applications into a location aware IoT platform for Healthcare operations – from hospital to home, for clinicians, patients and medical devices.


Real-Time Location Services for Healthcare

Redefining and accelerating the IoT experience in Healthcare. HID Location Services provide real-time location and monitoring of clinicians, patients and devices. Increased visibility improves operational efficiencies, clinical accountability, patient throughput and asset management.

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Textile Services for Healthcare

Secure and ease your linen management services, so you can better focus on patient care. Healthcare facilities have been forced to become more concerned with an ever more demanding clientele.

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nurses holding linen

Secure Electronic Visit Verification

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) using secure NFC/BLE technology ensures each-in-home healthcare visit has actually taken place for the prescribed amount of time. Implementing secure EVV delivers proof of presence, accountability and accuracy to prevent medical billing errors and deliver peace of mind for patients, family members and healthcare providers.

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Healthcare and Medical Device Asset Management

HID healthcare asset management leverages RFID technology (LF/HF/UHF/BLE and dual frequency tags) to help effectively manage and operate medical equipment, optimize inventory management and reduce human error in healthcare processes.

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