Civil Government

HID Global provides solutions that are the gold standard of biometric identity management, accomplishing key objectives to help keep borders secure and citizens safe.

Border Management

Biometrics is the answer to the shortcomings of biographic border management, allowing border officials to rapidly confirm a subject’s true identity — even if it differs from the information they provide. Impostors, dual nationals and twins can all be easily identified by a biometric system. Furthermore, biometric information cannot be easily mis-entered, altered or forged, negating the data quality issues commonly associated with biographic information.

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border management

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Migrant Security and Disaster Relief

Biometrics is emerging as the solution to the migrant identity management problems. Already adopted by law enforcement and border security around the world, biometrics can uncover travel histories and criminal associations. Biometric solutions are used to query the records of host nation databases, INTERPOL and partner governments to provide front-line officers with key information in real time.

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Applicant Background Checks

HID Global’s applicant background check (HSPD-12) solutions address the challenges of onboarding government employees, prioritizing simplicity and security, with a full range of support and integration services included. Best of all, it’s simple enough for most users to operate without the need for additional training. With options for both on-premise and cloud-based processing, HID Global can help your agency meet all your technical requirements, while providing a higher level of PII protection.

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