RFID Identification and Sensing

RFID Technology enables companies to track and identify objects by affixing or embedding an RFID tag that contains electronically-stored information for automatic identification and workflow optimization.

Location Services

HID Location Services is a location engine powered by a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi network, delivering location-aware data to address people, high-valued assets and equipment applications under a single IoT umbrella. One platform delivers real-time visibility and actionable data.

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Condition Monitoring

HID’s platform provides real-time data to assess the health and performance of industrial equipment. An end-to-end condition monitoring solution enables a stronger predictive maintenance strategy to improve processes, operations and reduce unplanned downtime.

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Asset Tracking

Our transponders help ensure seamless traceability and reduce losses, while enhancing stock management and processing speed. Passive contactless RFID tags improve data collection speed and accuracy, making tracking more cost-effective while increasing accuracy.

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Fleet Fueling

  • RFID-enabled components
  • Fast, cashless fuel dispensing
  • Accurate billing
  • Simplify fleet management
  • Wirelessly identify vehicles & drivers
  • Integrate into Fuel Management Systems (FMS)

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Industry Recognition

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