Life at HID

A little faith from management at HID Global USA gave Debra Spitler, vice president of HID Connect, the career boost she needed, at a time when she needed it most. After 18 years at Honeywell, she was hired at HID, where she found the self-confidence to grow in her career.

"There have been times I felt as if I had a job, not a career," she says. "But the management team at HID had the confidence in my abilities and gave me latitude to try new things. When those around you believe in you, it's hard to lose."

Debra's career at HID has spanned 12 years, and she has held six different positions, including global account manager and director of business development. She has also worked as the executive director of marketing at HID, vice president of marketing at ASSA ABLOY Identification Technology Group, and was responsible for the re-launch of OMNIKEY as president of OMNIKEY Americas. The role she holds today was the result of having the right skills and being available at the right time.

"I was wrapping up my role re-launching OMNIKEY and a position opened up to lead a new strategic initiative to extend the use of HID's technology platform beyond the physical access control space."

Debra was a perfect candidate for the position - her background in HID's embedded business and strong sales and business development skills, coupled with her marketing communication background was exactly what the initiative needed.

Her first task was to name the initiative: "HID Connect was quickly identified as having the persona that fit what we wanted to achieve. A team was formed and HID Connect was in business," she says.

"This whole experience energized me and gave me the feeling that the sky was the limit," she says. "Ultimately, I think a successful career is what makes you, as an individual, feel complete and satisfied."

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Name: Debra Spitler

Company: HID Global Corporation

Title: Vice President, HID Connect

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, riding old steam trains, pinball. Places I would like to visit: An African safari.



Debra's tips for a "Great Career:"

  • Spend time figuring out what you enjoy doing;
  • Don't be afraid try something new;
  • Develop a strong network of mentors, colleagues.