Industry and Logistics

Contactless RFID components from HID Global optimize data collection speed and accuracy, enabling improved process control, data management and productivity.

Asset Tracking

HID Global, a leader in track-and-trace capabilities, produces advanced RFID tags and components essential to optimizing automated asset tracking and logistics systems. HID transponders help ensure seamless traceability and reduce losses, while enhancing stock management and processing speed. Passive contactless RFID tags from HID improve data collection speed and accuracy, making tracking more cost-effective while increasing accuracy. HID Global offers low frequency, high frequency and UHF tags with a broad selection of form factors, chip configurations and memory capacities.

Internet of Things

HID Global technology turns ubiquitous smartphones and tablets into trusted verification devices for Internet of Things (IoT) applications – with no need for users to download apps. NFC enabled devices can interact with everyday objects creating unique brand experiences, authenticating merchandise, and validating proof-of-presence. HID Trusted Tag® Services can optimize security and convenience in a wide variety of IoT applications.


HID Global RFID transponders enable faster, more accurate tracking of clothing, linens, rags and other assets. RFID tags enable uniform management companies to more accurately control lifecycles, increase garment productivity, reduce throughput, and decrease stock requirements. Health and medical facilities can improve infection control processes by effectively tracking reusable assets and verifying cleaning and sterilization procedures, enhancing patient and staff safety. For commercial launderers, RFID tags ensure accurate item counting and documentation, while enabling automatic billing and real-time inventory control

Waste Management

HID Global RFID tags help municipalities and waste removal service organizations optimize data collection speed and integrity, enabling pay-as-you-throw and recycling incentive programs.

Bin and container manufacturers can choose from a broad spectrum of LF, HF and UHF passive contactless transponders that provide various levels of resistance to water, chemicals, shock, and temperature variation. For field-deployed assets, Bin Tag and Plug Tag transponders install easily into standard nests, including metal bins and DIN 30745 plastic bins. Additional designs provide the flexibility and versatility to tag bins and containers of any size, shape or composition.

Returnable Transport Items

HID Global RFID transponders enhance container system inventory tracking, operational efficiency and lifecycle management. LF, HF and UHF RFID tags are available in varieties that deliver optimized performance on wood, plastic or metal containers of virtually any shape or size.

Standard HID RFID tags are designed for virtually any container, including refillable metal cylindrical beverage kegs, chemical drums and gas cylinders; large steel shipping and cargo containers; and wooden or plastic crates and pallets. In the rare event that HID's find-a-tag tool does not identify the ideal tag for an organization's solution, HID Global can create a custom tag to meet requirements for chip type, dimensions, programming and materials.

Medical Tags

HID Global RFID tags are a vital component in the effective management and use of medical equipment and supplies. As an industry leader with dedicated RFID engineers supported by fully automated production, HID contactless transponders are ideal for critical medical applications. HID Global tags allow greater accuracy and speed for tracking assets in health care environments and enable automatic calibration for sophisticated electronic devices. For consumables, RFID technology can decrease errors and provide appropriate validation, positively influencing patient outcomes and enhancing staff safety. Home healthcare providers using NFC with HID Trusted Tag® Services are enabling caregivers to tap tags placed in patient homes, providing accurate, real-time electronic visitor verification (EVV) records for billing and reimbursement with irrefutable audit trails. HID Global can help medical facilities improve care, and better control risk.

Marketing and Promotion

Retailers and consumer product companies are capitalizing on standard NFC technology from HID Global to enhance promotional marketing efforts, loyalty programs, and stored-value systems. Digital-out-of-home advertising employing strategic tag placement, allows customers and brands to connect with the simple tap of a smartphone or tablet. Deployed with HID Trusted Tag® Services, marketers are realizing greater security and fraud protection, while opening new lines of communication.

Automation & Manufacturing

RFID tags from HID Global streamline industrial manufacturing processes to increase productivity, safety and security. RFID transponders calibrate and track equipment use, repair and maintenance efficiently. This enhances equipment lifecycle management and enables backward traceability to ensure compliance. HID Global works with integrator partners and their customers to push the limits of how contactless technology can be used. A commitment to innovation and customer focus keeps HID at the forefront of device design for application developments.