HID® Integrale™


HID Integrale is a modular software suite specifically designed to create issuance systems for electronic identification cards and ICAO ePassports.

Developed in-house, HID Integrale has been designed and engineered to support either end-to-end system deployment or upgrades of legacy systems.

From biometric enrollment, ICAO PKI, data signing and personalization to ID document lifecycle and post-issuance management HID Integrale provides high performing modular software suites seamlessly customizable to the local environment.

Whether in a centralized data center or distributed server environment, captured application data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, ensuring the citizen’s information remains safe at all times.

Future Proof Implementation
Designed to adopt future standards and market requirements in a simple and frictionless manner HID Integrale enables the issuance of eID cards and ICAO ePassports with the same core systems, thus optimizing government investments.

HID Integrale Key Modules

Biometric Enrollment
Integrale DCS provides an easy-to-operate and localized GUI to perform on-site citizen biometric enrollment for various application types such as national ID cards, driver's licenses and social welfare schemes.

Available in desktop, mobile suitcase and tablet platforms, Integrale DCS can be deployed to operate in various situations. The software suite integrates with multiple quality checking tools such as ICAO photo standard check or fingerprint quality assessment. Integrale also offers specific software tools for managing biometric enrollment in all environments such as HID Integrale Enrollment and Store and Forward.

Application Processing
From the citizen enrollment to captured data and application assessment, Integrale APS provides all the necessary tools to perform ABIS deduplication, watchlist and database checks, and exception case handling. The APS system is fully customizable to adapt any customer workflow and its evolutions.

Data Preparation & Signing
Integrale DPS securely formats and signs data with the country keys to prepare for chip personalization in liaison with HID SOMA™ Chip Operating Systems or 3rd party COS. These crucial operations are seamlessly performed in a secure environment that will minimize the risk of exposing citizen data or country secrets.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Systems
Integrale KMS (Key Management System) is fundamental in the total management of keys and certificates used to sign personalized e-Documents and enable their verification at control points. Our solutions handle all aspects of key and certificate creation, management, revocation and associated policies in a very flexible and use-friendly manner. Integrale KMS supports ICAO-based national eID cards and resident permits, ISO 18013 international driving licenses, multi-application cards with digital signature (eIDAS) capabilities.

Personalization and Chip Encoding
Integrale PPS handles all aspects of graphical personalization, secure chip encoding, print job creation and final quality assessment of eID cards. The system supports multi-machine configurations, has been integrated with major personalization machine brands and is able to handle multi-chip OS configurations.

Card Management System
Integrale CMS helps the users to manage the eID card's lifecycles and inventory control from blank document to personalization, issuance and post-issuance updates. The system provides tools and localized GUI to retrieve document status in real-time. Integrale CMS also enables post-issuance operations such as on-card application updates.