Extended Access Technologies

Extended Access Technologies widen the reach of HID trusted identity technology to secure enterprise, government, and personal authentication systems.


Solutions for a Connected Workplace

The modern enterprise workforce is changing and enterprises need to evolve to attract, retain and challenge the new generation of employees. Employees desire a simpler individualized work experience that fosters productivity while meeting the demands of anytime, anywhere resources access within a protected environment. The key to delivering a personalized work experience is one that not only delivers convenience but also has security built-in to make business systems identity aware.

Advantages of Extended Access Technologies:

  • Leverages existing identity credentials and authentication mechanisms
  • Streamlines the end-user experience with a single credential
  • Enables identity aware business systems to deliver convenient connected workplace experience
  • Cost effective approach allows organizations to adopt identity aware systems as needed
How it Works

Powering Identity Aware Business Systems


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