HID® TRISM™ Financial Instant Issuance Software

  • HID® TRISM™ Financial Instant Issuance Software
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HID® TRISM™ Financial Instant Issuance (Fii) Software enables in-branch instant issuance and activation of payment cards. HID TRISM™ is a PCI-compliant, complete software package that runs on a local branch’s network, fully integrating with existing hardware and all on-site processors — AP, EFT and credit card.

In-branch instant card issuance drives higher activation rates and increased interchange revenue over slower-adopting competitors. HID TRISM seamlessly and securely automates the process of securely linking confidential customer account and core banking information to the card, allowing tellers and associates to place ready-to-use debit and credit cards into customers' hands within minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Be at the top of your customer’s wallet – Cards issued instantly in-branch have a greater likelihood of being “top of wallet” and tend to be put into use immediately
  • Supports instant card activation – Your customers can walk out of your institution with card that has been activated and ready to use which increases their satisfaction and your bottom line
  • Increase customer engagement – Instant issuance gives current and prospective customers a compelling reason to visit the branch providing your team the opportunity to tell them about other products and services
  • Enhanced security – HID TRISM software’s advanced security allows you to maintain compliance with the reporting requirements and standards of MasterCard® and Visa®, as well as track card stock
  • Broad adoption with financial industry leaders – Integrates with a large number of APs and EFTs to support your existing banking infrastructure and relationships

HID TRISM Financial Instant Issuance (Fii) Software is a complete financial instant issuance solution that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your financial institution. HID offers the full Fii solution – software, PIN pads, card printers and supplies together with program management, implementation and training services – so you can quickly deliver a best-in-class customer experience from a trusted partner.

  • HID® TRISM™ Financial Instant Issuance Software
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SpecificationsServer* (Host)Workstation (Client)
Min. Processor Speed2.0 GHz2.0 GHz
Min. Available RAM16 GB4 GB
Available hard disk space50 GB10 GB
Min. video resolutionSVGA (1024x768)SVGA (1024x768)
Operating SystemMicrosoft® Windows® 2012 R2, 2016, 2019Microsoft Windows 7-Pro®, Windows 8/8.1-Pro®, Windows 10®
Database SoftwareMicrosoft® SQL Server® 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 Standard, Express, or EnterpriseNA

*A dedicated server and SQL instance is strongly recommended on the server; High volumes of printers, mixed printer environments or embossers may require a separate printer server.

  • HID® TRISM™ Financial Instant Issuance Software
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