HID PIV Enterprise™ and HID PIV Express™

PIV, or Personal Identity Verification is a multi-factor authentication solution that covers the complete lifecycle of the identity: from identity proofing, secure credential issuance, IT systems and physical/facility access, and retirement of the trusted secure credential.

How it Works

HID PIV Overview

HID PIV (Personal Identity Verification) delivers an integrated solution for standards-compliant identity and credential management. The components are designed to support each other, so you can deploy our solution faster, and enjoy a simplified management experience going forward.

PIV Authentication Solution Process01ESTABLISH02CREATE03USE04MANAGE Sponsor Enroll Vet Visual Verification Physical Access IT Access Reset/Change Update Revoke De-provision Replace Authenticate Validate Digitally Sign Decrypt
Key Benefits

Complete Identity Lifecycle Management

HID PIV ensures the right people have access to the right things - and only the things they need to do their jobs. It is an ideal solution for organizations with government standards requirements, or highly regulated industries.

Key Features:

  • Identity Proofing: HID PIV delivers a streamlined process for identity establishment with an integrated IDMS system that works with popular authoritative sources, captures state/national ID, collects and stores biometric data, connects to external background check systems, and provides an adjudicator for final review.
  • Lifecycle Management: Once the identity is verified, HID PIV facilitates the issuance of the credential, and then leverages a Credential Management System for on-going management – including PIN unlock, updates, and credential replacement and/or termination.
  • Physical Access: When the credential is a card, it can be used for physical access to the organization premises, including the ability to require step-up challenges. In the Enterprise version, HID PIV can also automatically provision and de-provision user access to the organization’s physical access systems.
  • IT System Access: The same PIV credential can be used to authenticate to many IT applications, including Microsoft Windows Active Directory, most VPN products, web sites, cloud applications.
  • Advanced Use Cases: The credential can also be used to digitally sign emails or documents, decrypt emails or files, deliver full disk encryption and boot protection, protect print jobs with secure printing and many other functions.
  • Optional pre-integrated components: HID can also supply additional compatible components such as trusted CA, PKI validation, card printer, card reader, card, and PACS reader.

HID PIV Authentication Components

Identity Proofing, Enrollment, Issuance
Identity Proofing, Enrollment, Issuance


  • Manage and track identity proofing
  • Enroll applicant’s biometric and biographic information
  • Centralize identification attributes
  • Convenient self-service issuance
  • Comply with standards and mandates
Secure Management of Smart Cards & Tokens
HID® ActivID® Credential Management System

HID ActivID Credential Management System

  • Lifecycle management of authentication devices
  • Built in integration to identity subsystems
  • Extensibility
  • Strong security
Physical Identity & Access Manager

HID® SAFE™ Enterprise

  • Automatically provision user access into mutiple PACS systems
  • Real-time de-provisioning of access rights
  • Compatible with the most popular PACS systems
  • Available in HID PIV Enterprise edition