DemoTeller is now part of HID Global, a global leader in secure identity solutions.

DemoTeller has a strong reputation as a leading provider of instant issuance solutions for the financial market in North America. DemoTeller’s offerings include Financial Instant Issuance software, hosted distributed printers and HSM hardware.

DemoTeller broadens HID Global’s secure issuance portfolio with an instant issuance solution that is already established with financial institutions as trusted and compliant. DemoTeller enables HID Global to sell an instant issuance solution to financial institutions and retailers.

The DemoTeller solution, coupled with HID Global’s printers and consumables, gives financial institutions and retailers the ability to hand a customer a personalized card that is activated, which increases the likelihood that the customer will use it immediately. Consumers value the instant gratification of receiving a payment card.

DemoTeller also offers solution, installation and maintenance services that are complementary to HID Global’s credential personalization products, including HID’s flagship FARGO® desktop card personalization systems and its IAI range of solutions for the issuance of highly secure passports, cards, and banknotes.

DemoTeller strengthens HID Global’s position in the financial market as a provider of identity solutions that financial institutions trust.

The team from DemoTeller continues to be intensely focused on meeting the needs of customers.

DemoTeller products are now called HID® TRISM™ products. Find more information about Trism products here.