Sustainability -- A Winning Way of Life at HID Global

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People ask me why it’s great to work at HID Global, and one of the things I point out is our company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This is why I am so proud of HID Global winning the 2015 Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability Award at the 2015 Greater Austin Business Awards as well as being recognized by Johnson Controls, a Fortune 500 Company, for HID Global’s sustainability stewardship and corporate social responsibility. We beat out other major corporations for these prestigious awards.

Not only are we talking about how we are minimizing environmental impact, but now other well-respected organizations are coming out publicly to validate HID Global’s leadership in sustainability. This recognition is a testament to the extraordinary efforts and commitment of a team of HID Global employees who have worked tirelessly to make our “Green by Design” philosophy come alive for the greater good. This is part of why HID Global is fast becoming an employer of choice in Austin, Texas, and around the world.

As I was walking up to the stage with HID Global’s Senior Vice President of Operations Rodney Glass in the grand ballroom at a hotel in downtown Austin to receive the Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability Award from the Austin Chamber of Commerce, I was thinking about the high-quality workplace we have created for employees at the HID Global headquarters in Austin.

We used sustainable material to construct the building. We’ve improved indoor air quality through selection of low-emitting materials. We’ve reduced indoor water usage. We’ve increased thermal comfort verification while reducing energy use. We’ve optimized lighting with controllable lighting systems. We even utilize water-efficient landscaping outside. That’s just the start. No detail is too small for us to bring under our sustainability initiatives.

Our employees are proud of what our company has done at our manufacturing, office and warehouse space in the Tech Ridge area of Austin. HID Global was the first manufacturing facility in the state of Texas to be awarded LEED Platinum certification, demonstrating that our building’s environmental impact is being measured and improved.

We also earned a four- out of five-star rating from the Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB), and achieved certification to the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard. Austin is HID Global’s third site to achieve this ISO certification, following similar accomplishments in Ireland and Malaysia, and verifies our global commitment to environmental stewardship.

In addition to achieving operational savings and contributing to environmental protection and energy efficiency worldwide, HID Global’s sustainability program creates new green revenue opportunities for our customers. We leverage our industry expertise to help customers minimize their environmental impact while reducing operating costs through products and solutions that have a smaller carbon footprint while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Ongoing initiatives include creating biodegradable products, developing sustainable packaging for future products, and achieving green product certification such as the ENERGY STAR® rating for HID Global’s FARGO® printers.

Additionally, we are developing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our readers that, similar to a food nutrition label, are verified documents that communicate a product’s environmental impact from design to usage. HID Global is the first global access control manufacturer to offer an EPD for an access control reader, reinforcing its position as a responsible and innovative leader.

Our values around minimizing environmental impact reflect the values of our parent company ASSA ABLOY, the worldwide leader in door opening solutions. Sustainability is a way of life for us, ingrained in our corporate DNA. We have even begun to share our best practices with our customers and partners. Our HID logo is blue, but in many ways, we are one of the greenest businesses in Texas.