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Smart Card Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare leaders see forward-thinking value in implementing innovative technologies and solutions to enhance workflow efficiencies, which increase security without sacrificing convenience.

As a world leading supplier of access control and secure identity solutions, HID Global offers a broad range of solutions to address the specific needs of healthcare organizations.

What we particularly like about the EasyLobby software is its flexibility
and expandability.

Phillip LeClair CHPA
Security Manager, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Connecticut Children's Medical Center Case Study


Manage outdated, legacy technology

Healthcare facilities need to ensure their access control systems are based on open architectures that support new capabilities over time. Basic magnetic stripe and proximity cards are now being upgraded to contactless high frequency smart card technology. With multi-technology cards, hospitals can combine adaptability with the highest level of security, convenience, and interoperability of healthcare platforms such as EMR and Time and Attendance.

Manage multiple ID cards

Build value into the compliant hospital ID badge by combining higher security and privacy with convenience. Healthcare facilities experience benefits of streamlined operations when they combine multiple applications onto a single high frequency contactless smart card. Leveraging technology helps improve efficiency by centralizing management, and eliminating the need for hospital employees to carry separate cards for various applications (opening doors, accessing computers and integrated cabinet/drawer locks, cafeteria POS, and secure-print-management systems).

Manage liability risk

Hospital staff and patients face challenging and evolving security threats and compliance spans the spectrum in healthcare settings. To address these issues and mitigate risks, healthcare organizations can take a layered approach to secure access to onsite and remote patient data by implementing strong authentication beyond passwords. These solutions include soft token/ mobile tokens, convenient One-Time-Passwords (OTPs), tap in/ tap out authentication to desktop applications, and using a combination of secure desktop readers, your access badge, and/or biometric match-on-card authentication to highly restricted areas.

Additionally, healthcare facilities can reduce their risk, and keep patients and employees safe by knowing who is in their facility at all times. With HID Global’s physical access control systems and integrated visitor management capabilities, hospitals can be protected from security threats.