HID® FARGO® DTC1250e Photo ID System

  • DTC1250e Photo ID System
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The FARGO® DTC1250e Photo ID System is an effortless way for you to produce great looking, durable ID cards at an affordable price – without the complexity of more advanced photo ID systems. With the DTC1250e Photo ID System, you can print on several different types of ID cards, including the thin, flexible cards used for health care and transit systems; smart cards with embedded electronics; and rewritable cards that help eliminate the waste of single-use visitor badges.

The FARGO DTC1250e Photo ID System includes a single-sided FARGO DTC1250e printer/encoder; Asure ID® Solo photo ID software; a USB digital camera; and starter printing supplies. This system is exceptionally reliable with virtually no maintenance required, allowing you to produce card after card with a minimum amount of investment.

  • DTC1250e Photo ID System
概要 | 仕様
  1. FARGO® DTC1250e Printer/Encoder. Single-sided, edge-to-edge card printing. Full-color, continuous-tone printing at 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm). Capable of rewritable card printing (monochrome only) on HID® rewritable card stock. Plug-and-play Swift ID™ embedded badging application software available for quick and basic ID card creation.

  2. Asure ID® Solo card design and production software. Powerful yet easy-to-use photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities. The DTC1250e also comes with FARGO Workbench™, a software toolkit for printer set-up, diagnostics and firmware upgrades.

  3. USB digital web camera. Minimum two megapixel camera makes capturing cardholder photos quick and easy.

  4. Full-color ribbon. Print 250 card images (YMCKO with integrated cleaning roller).

  5. One pack of three card-cleaning rollers. Print perfectly clean ID cards at any time.

  6. 100 UltraCard® PVC cards. Design and produce ID cards right away.

  7. USB cable. Connect the DTC1250e printer/encoder to your computer.

The DTC1250e Photo ID System also includes:

  • Three-year printer warranty.
  • Two-year free Asure ID software technical support.
  • FARGO Workbench diagnostic utility to facilitate printer maintenance. Its Color Assist™ tool matches spot colors, ensuring accurate prints of graphics, such as company logos.