HID® pivCLASS® Mobile Validator

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概要 | 仕様

HID Global’s pivCLASS Mobile Validator is a handheld software application that verifies PIV, PIV-I, CIV, TWIC, FRAC, CAC and other types of credentials using the mobile handheld’s contact or contactless reader interface.

When deployed with pivCLASS Data Import, the software can also be used to read and display card serial numbers from MiFARE DESFire, iCLASS and proximity cards, as well as photos and access rights of cardholders.

When deployed with the drivers’ license option, the software can be used to read and display U.S. drivers’ license data.

Key Features

  • Supports revocation checking using CRLs and TWIC Canceled Card List (CCL)
  • Provides network-based functionality to download credential data stored in the pivCLASS PACS Service database (e.g., photos, names, TWIC privacy keys, etc.)
  • Supports the export of audit trail information to a database server
  • Supports multiple ruggedized mobile biometric readers
概要 | 仕様

pivCLASS Mobile Validation Software supports the following mobile handheld readers:

  • MorphoTrak Work About Pro
  • DAP 3240B
  • Datastrip ruggedized mobile biometric readers
概要 | 仕様