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Crescendo Management Tool (V2.0) - (45.04 MB)

Crescendo Management Tool is a Java application that allows exploring the capabilities of Crescendo C2300 smart cards and Crescendo Key devices. With Crescendo Management Tool it is possible to configure One-Time-Password slots and manage key pairs and their associated X.509 certificates in the PKI slots. The tool can also be used to manage the PIN for the devices. HID® Crescendo Management Tool provides a simplified way to quickly manage your HID Crescendo® devices, including the High Assurance Crescendo C2300 hybrid smart card and the USB- and NFC-enabled HID Crescendo Key Series. Crescendo Management Tool is simple to deploy and allows users of Microsoft® Windows® desktop and server operating systems to quickly configure Crescendo devices for use without the need for central administration or remote management. With a few easy steps, and without IT help-desk assistance, users can: 1) Identify an inserted device by product name, image, and device serial number 2) Configure a device with One-Time Password options, certificates, PIN, and Management Keys 3) Generate HOTP and TOTP passwords for highly secure transactions

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  • HID Crescendo 2300 Series
  • HID® Crescendo® Key Series
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10 x86
  • Windows 10 x64