Wireless Capability is Boosting the Trend Towards Multi-Function Cards


The handwriting has been on the wall. Multi-function access cards are inevitable...

...and it’s now clear that multi-function cards will do for the access card what the iPhone has done for the mobile phone. The iPhone transformed the mobile phone from a necessary communication tool into a positive life experience. That was based on the breadth and depth of the new applications it brought. Quietly over the last few years, Axcess International, an Advantage HID Connect® partner company, has been working on a similar concept, to open up a whole portfolio of new enterprise uses by extending the range over which the cards can operate. The net outcome has been a Wireless ID, which is an access card that can act independently as an ID card and a sensor that is automatically identified in and around a local facility without the need for the ID card holder to ever present it to a reader.

At this year’s ASIS in Dallas, the latest version of the Axcess Dot Wireless ID was announced and demonstrated. The solution includes HID Prox and iCLASS® interoperability on the same card. Wireless ID, or MicroWirelessTM as it is technically called, brings with it a host of local area wireless-based applications for increased security, safety and productivity. These applications include: emergency evacuation accounting, internal security checks; visitor tracking; man-down safety alerts; safety compliance reporting; contractor time and attendance capture; and asset custodianship. Each of these has been proven-in not only from a technical point of view or as upgrades to electronic access card systems, but also as stand-alone applications. The point is that the ROI for these applications has been proven-in, most with break-even points in six months. And as a result, the single function access control card will never be the same.

And as far as multi-function access cards go with enterprise solutions, I think the phrase is: “there’s an app for that.”