Utility companies benefit from web-based access control

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Geographically, Southwest China enjoys vast natural resources, including water & natural gas, & there are quite a few hydroelectric power plants that have been established due to the region's rich water resources.

These plants are often located in remote areas with numerous entry points and limited management staff. As a result, these plants require restricted access to high risk and hazardous areas, such as underground sites, explosives store rooms or operating machinery rooms. To address these security challenges, HID Global has a centralized, web-based IP access control solution for high security, real-time monitoring and remote area control.

Let's take our recent installation at Fuxi Power Plant in the Sichuan Province as an example. HID deployed its VertX V2000 network access controllers, iCLASS R10 contactless readers and credentials in the 140 acre (57 hectares) power plant. By connecting VertX V2000 controllers to the host computer via a TCP/IP network, the authorized staff can now monitor the door status at the central station in real-time. In the case where a door has been left open or when a tamper alarm occurs, the access control system can identify the incident type and location so that the security administrator can remotely close the doors for safety management. Such remote management capability has substantially reduced patrol deployment time and increased overall operational efficiency.

The access control system also enabled access level settings at critical entry zones, such as main production plant, engine room, central station and chemical waste areas. The system restricts entry to specific areas at specific times, grants access to critical zones to authorized personnel only and sets staff access levels and entry times based on job titles. For example, access to the chemical waste area is restricted to certain trained staff, and the administrator can now establish access rights to prevent unauthorized entry and ensure occupational safety.

The importance of securing China's utility infrastructures will not diminish in the years ahead. Indeed, as some resources grow scarce, the need to secure information and limit physical access to natural resources will become greater. The challenge is to achieve the required level of security without forgoing convenience and efficiency, and this is where the value of today's security technologies from HID Global will become increasingly apparent.