U.S. Green Card: Innovation and Emulation


The goal of the Department of Homeland Security for the U.S. Green Card is to stay years ahead of counterfeiting techniques.

In a card designed to last 10 years, this is vital. This objective has driven breakthroughs in micro imaging and printing, visual security and optically variable devices, as well as in construction and manufacturing techniques. These techniques are so difficult to counterfeit and mass-produce that they have effectively put large scale counterfeiting out of the reach of criminal forgers.

When undertaking large-scale ID programs, planners are confronted with difficult choices. First, every project is a custom project. What works for one program may lead to difficulties in another, and there are no set rules to follow. Customers find themselves facing a bewildering array of ID technologies and suppliers, while misguided choices have frequently led to delays or even suspension of projects before they can start, or unexpected problems after implementation has begun.

For this reason, many countries about to embark on major programs seek to emulate the successes of other high profile projects. The U.S. Green Card has formed the model for a number of current programs such as the Costa Rica Foreign Resident Card, the Angola National ID Card, Italy's Carabinieri (police force) Card and Saudi Arabia's National ID Card. Each of these programs specified the need to be secure, durable, resilient, compliant, counterfeit resistant and tamper-proof. At the same time, no two government programs are alike; each is highly customized and meeting the needs of national ID program decision-makers is more challenging than ever before.

With the additional need for future-proofing and integration with national systems, the industry must continue to innovate on all fronts to deliver new programs to specification, on time and on budget. At HID Global, we are addressing these requirements by leveraging our continually growing expertise to add unique value to new programs.

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