UHF and RFID Spell the Next Big Thing for Logistics

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Advancements in integrated chip and data storage technologies...

...have changed the world forever. We are now a global population connected in real time, sharing high-definition video from the palms of our hands. The incredible has become routine. UHF technology has the same potential to transform the RFID industry.

This month, the HID Global Identification Technologies (IDT) team is launching an expanded InLine Tag™ Ultra family of contactless transponders - the most advanced general-purpose UHF tags available. We believe UHF technology has the potential to transform the RFID industry, as it rips through barriers to faster processing and accelerated data transfer speeds, combined with high memory capability.
Organizations worldwide are applying UHF technology to logistics systems, providing enhanced oversight and management of assets and inventories.

For example, HID has observed a truckload of 500 tagged, metal kegs filled with liquid rolling at 12 mph passing reader stations at points of distribution and delivery. In this test, each individual keg was identified via its InLine Tag Ultra UHF tag. In just seconds, the entire load was accounted for with 100 percent accuracy. With results like these, simply put, the impact of accelerated data collection speed and improved accuracy promises tremendous returns for logistics systems empowered with UHF technology.

The InLine Tag Ultra portfolio greatly expands the potential application of UHF technology by providing increased reliability where less advanced tags fail. The tags include the patented HID Global 3D antenna, which deliver omnidirectional read ranges up to 26 feet on all materials, including metal. The tags' broadband capabilities meet worldwide standards, thus making international logistics processes and infrastructure simpler and more cost effective. All InLine Tag Ultra RFID transponders are compliant with EPC global-certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and provide 512-bit user memory with 128-bit EPC. The product family also features security that meets the most demanding applications, including automation, logistics, returnable transport items, and industrial waste management.

Organizations have just begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities for UHF applied to logistics systems. We expect the expanded availability and affordability of the HID UHF capabilities will open doors to more effective, efficient logistics practices.