Turning a Challenge to an Opportunity with Genuine HID Solutions


It's another beautiful morning in the harbour city of Sydney ...

...and as I greet the new day, I ponder what various challenges and opportunities it might bring. Today's business challenges may often seem daunting with the economy threatening corporate downsizing in Australia and New Zealand, which in turn could impact the secure issuance market in the region. This is on top of the fact that the Australian secure issuance space is already considered to be a mature market, since end users often source their printers and consumables online from overseas distributors at the risk of receiving minimal to no support.

While this may seem like a doom and gloom forecast, it's not. Though the secure issuance/card personalisation market in its basic form appears to be dwindling in Australia, new opportunities based on the latest advancements in HID FARGO solutions are presenting themselves each and every day.

One such opportunity we encountered recently was helping a transportation company streamline their critical employee information by loading this data on employee and contractor ID cards. Before we rolled out the project, the organisation's staff and their contractors had to carry numerous health and safety documents along with training certificates in order to be allowed onto various job sites to perform their duties. This system became impractical and difficult to manage, which resulted in increased health and safety risks. With HID's AsureID 7 card personalisation software, FARGO HDP5000 printers and OMNIKEY® readers, we were able to easily provide a customised solution to address this problem.

AsureID 7 and the HDP5000 printer enabled the transport company to print and encode Corporate 1000 iCLASS cards that contained each employee's and contractor's health and safety qualifications on the card, making it possible for management to constantly monitor their staff and ensure they are adequately trained. We also engaged Grabba, an HID Connect partner, to develop hand held readers so supervisors could audit the use of their staff's cards.

Currently the employee cards are mainly used to house this important health and safety data and in the future, we can add physical access control to the card so the transportation company can utilise the same employee credential for building access. It is also becoming increasingly common for corporations and government agencies to add other features to ID cards such as security elements (VSEs) like custom holographic overlaminates. These overlaminates enhance the visual appeal of the card with 3D effects, morphing images and other VSE elements for added security and protection from fake IDs being used within an organisation.

Regardless of the economy and impact on the corporate climate, we can take solace in the new opportunities that the HID FARGO® range of printers/encoders constantly uncover. I look forward to the next challenge and the HID Global solutions that continue to broaden our ability to stay ahead of market demands.