Top Secure Identity Trends to Watch in 2016: Part #1

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Mobilizing Security for a Better User Experience

HID Global is watching five key developing trends that will shape the secure identity landscape in the new year.  One of the top developments we are seeing is the move to “mobilizing” security, which will make it more pervasive and personalized.

As we do more with our phones and increasingly demand anywhere/anytime on-line access, there is the opportunity to better protect these activities while creating a more satisfying, mobile-centric security experience at home, in the office, on the road and on-line. 

Over the past several years we’ve begun to turn phones into ID cards, keys and computer logon tokens while plugging security holes that mobility initially introduced. Moving forward, continuing advancements will enable a new, more secure identity lifestyle built around the convenience and ubiquity of our ever-present mobile devices:

  • Improvements in deployment, onboarding, management and professional service options will help accelerate mobile access adoption, increasing user confidence and capabilities across a growing range of applications. 
  • It will become even easier for travelers to open hotel doors, for college students to enter dorm rooms, and for on-line bank customers to transact with their phones. 
  • Computer and network logon will move even more seamlessly to phones, tablets and laptops. 
  • Visiting healthcare workers, patrolling guards, field inspection teams and factory workers will touch their phones to RFID tags to log their presence and securely monitor processes in the Internet of Things (IoT). 
  • Wearables and other mobile products will join the device ecosystem, giving users even more choices and flexibility.
  • Putting secure identities on smartphones will also have the potential to radically change citizen ID systems.  Mobile devices can act as readers and eliminate expensive infrastructure, while paving the way for numerous new national ID applications beyond simple visual identification.

Watch the video for more information and stay tuned for a deeper dive into other key trends focused on the changing secure identity experience, privacy and security best practices, as well as interconnected digital identities and the Internet of Things (IoT).