Technical Support - Key to Success


Physical and logical access customers nowadays are facing various challenging technical issues in the industry.

As a member of HID Global Technical Service & Support team, I realize that customers strongly rely on and trust our support to resolve their field issues. In the other words, our timely response becomes one of the key successful factors for their business.

Implementation of a new customer relationship management system is one of the significant HID milestones to improve our quality of Technical Service today. In addition to a number of business improvements the system offers, it also simplifies customer service processing. This enables us to respond to the customers and resolve issues as quickly as possible

“Thanks for your support” is something we hear regularly from our customers and this motivates us to continually improve our service and enhance our quality of work.

Moving forward, we will adopt an interactive approach to our technical service process with the introduction of Self Service & Support. The Self Service & Support Portal will provide customers 24 x 7 web-based access, which he/she can search for, learn and obtain solutions from the Solution Knowledge Base when issues arise - no matter what time of the day or night. In fact, most customers prefer this approach as they can resolve the issues on their own timelines.

Additional benefits of the Self Service & Support feature includes saving customers time by not requiring them to place calls for commonly asked questions. Customers can now easily locate FAQs in the Self Service & Support tool. Secondly, with reduction of repetitive questions, inbound emails, and call volume, the Technical Service team will have more resources to focus on mission-critical, customized customer projects and overall increase our ongoing efforts to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The Technical Service & Support team will always strive our best to make certain we deliver on HID’s ”Customers First” commitment, and the new process refinements are enabling us to do just that.