Soccer & Security: two of my favorite things...


Brazilian soccer ("futebol" to the locals) is more than just a game;

it’s a national past time. And with Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup soccer championships, the country is investing in several infrastructure projects, including access control across various facilities, institutions and businesses that could be impacted by the games. So, as an HID employee with Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB) as one of my accounts, I often have had the good fortune to be able to discuss two of my favorite interests, soccer and security.

Facing the fact that their older Proximity access control system was no longer meeting their needs, Banco do Nordeste do Brasil, a state financial entity, recently completed a project to upgrade their security. This upgrade was also fueled by the bank’s close location to the World Cup games that will take place at Castelão Stadium in Fortaleza.

Following best practices, BNB implemented a layered security approach to address their needs: the bank installed HID iCLASS contactless smart readers at several dozen access points, and they installed HID biometric fingerprint readers at certain key access points. They also took advantage of HID’s Corporate 1000 Program in order to utilize a custom card format, therefore adding yet an additional layer of security to the overall system.

iCLASS Reader

iCLASS reader and educational campaign to employees about the newly installed system

To address the influx of visitors to the bank nearest the soccer stadium, access control for all entrance points will also be adapted to the new traffic conditions resulting from the games, and gates and automatic turnstiles will be installed for greater security.

I recently had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at ISC Brasil, along with Mr. Cláudio Luiz Freire Lima, Corporate Security Manager for Banco do Nordeste and we have worked with the bank to create a case study to share more details with those interested in these types of deployments. My favorite quote from the case study comes from BNB's Mr. José Boileau, Executive Manager of Corporate Security, where he commented "There have been no installation or availability problems recorded and also we have not had problems with the performance of the products. It is a robust solution."

This statement sums up the success of the deployment and I am happy with the relationship of trust HID Global has built with Banco do Nordeste. I am also looking forward to continuing to support BNB as there are a number of interesting potential projects with the bank looking ahead. Possible future plans include a logical access solution for secure computer log-on and the implementation of a centralized access control system for 200 branch locations across 13 states and in the Federal District.

Goodbye for now, or as we say in Brazil, "Tchau."