Print Activated Debit & Credit Cards at Your Branch Offices


In the day of instant gratification...

...many customers are still left waiting for days to receive their new or replacement credit and debit cards that often are not ever activated by the customer that receives them. But thanks to advanced secure issuance technologies, organizations can now instantly print activated financial cards and hand them directly to the customer, without any mailing necessary. At the time of the card issuance, customers can also choose to include a customized image for the card, such as a family portrait, pet or favorite vacation spot. For the financial institution, these features ultimately increase customer retention and satisfaction.

global bank card

As the HID Global Sales Director in Brazil, it is great to be able to offer one of the best products in the market for instant issuance: HID’s FARGO® HDPii high definition printer. It prints and encodes nearly any card type: credit, debit and other non-embossed cards including EMV; and it is certified and approved by the banking industry for card issuance. The opportunity for vertical markets such as banking and retailing are incredible, and with the competition in today's market it pays off to provide customers with instant gratification.

We make instant coffee in the morning, we buy instant rice, we send e-mails on the fly and text or instant message rather than using the post office. Well, we can now produce instant financial cards. I invite you to comment below or click here to learn more about the HDPii for instant issuance.

Best regards,

Gustavo Gassmann