Playing Well with Others: Balancing Engineering and Marketing


I'm sure you've witnessed the culture clash that occurs...

...between the engineering and marketing departments before. If not in real life, surely you've read the comic Dilbert® by Scott Adams before, right? Well, recently I have had the opportunity to step away from my role as a Materials Engineer at HID Global on a part-time basis to work in Product Marketing on the introduction of a Secure Proprietary Consumables System for end users of HID FARGO® Card Printer/Encoders.

Having worked on numerous cross-functional project teams for the last eight years, I've had plenty of opportunity to gain an understanding of customers' varied needs for security. For example, look at the FARGO HDPii Card Printer/Encoder with additional security features such as a lockable housing and data encryption support, developed to address the specific hardware and data communications security needs of the financial card issuance industry. Another example is the FARGO Visual Security Solutions program that offers customers peace of mind by enabling them to issue cards with the right amount of security for their organization.

Solutions from HID Global have to satisfy a wide array of customers, from the small 20-person organization all the way to the large government organization looking to issue 250,000+ drivers license, military ID or national ID cards. HID meets these challenges well, and customers continue to look to HID for new solutions to their organization's problems. These requests mean a lot to HID and help us to develop even better products and solutions.

That's why I am excited to have helped define the new Secure Proprietary Consumables System for FARGO printers. With the rollout of the consumables system, HID offers customers a means of wrapping another layer of security around their entire large card issuance projects: using contactless technology to create a proprietary link, HID pairs one organization's FARGO consumables and FARGO card printer/encoders, minimizing their risk of fraudulent card production if protected consumables are stolen.

As for me, my tenure with the Product Marketing department is set to continue for a few more months. While I have enjoyed my journey so far, it hasn't been without challenges. But still, my Engineering colleagues suddenly seem to think that I am being lured by the market-facing dynamic of the Product Marketing role...and being even closer to the voice of the customer.

I can't say they are wrong.