A perspective on cashless payment from the new guy


Cashless Payment business team as the sales manager responsible for France, Spain, Italy and Portugal less than two months ago, I had no qualms about my answer. (It obviously was yes!)

The world of payment methods has always been quite thrilling for me. But lately, I have had the profound feeling that cashless payment technologies and capabilities are going through an awesome acceleration phase. I wanted to work with experts. Fifteen years ago, when I started to work in this industry, the main novelty was the use of up and coming chip technology. A breakthrough innovation? Certainly. Being French, I would not deny this, but then it was still mainly a technical matter.


A decade and a half later, here is a rainbow of innovation and changes that are deeply modifying the landscape. The emergence of new players (mobile operators and retailers - among the most obvious), the ubiquity of payment means (contact and contactless cards, mobile, stickers, keyfob, virtual accounts) are here to stay and they are redefining the way we all make our payments. Even the way to get them has changed with possibilities of the personalized card or instant issuance.


Having said that, the most exciting above all is the convergence currently taking place between segments that were previously so separate: banking + transit, banking + access control, mobile + access control, banking + mobile… the combinations are endless and they open a new field of opportunities for the most visionary players. And for those of you who, like me, heard about the multi-application cards years back, this is a dream coming true.


My experience after hardly two months in the company matches all my expectations. Everyone is excited about the massive role that HID has to play in our industry evolution. There are indeed quite a few challenges ahead for many payment players but I am deeply confident that, wide beyond the provision of inlays and HID Global offers the expertise, the intelligence and that advice which will enable all parties to succeed.