Panel of experts confirm HID’s risk appropriate authentication


Finally some simple answers to some simple questions! Why can’t we use the same card to log on to our computers as we use to get into the building?

Why is it that the alternatives for logical access are limited to either:
1.) The costly administration and security risks associated with using passwords &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp or
2.) Expensive tokens and complex systems associated with PKI-centric, high assurance authentication?

The short answers are you can and they’re not.

At ISC West, HID answered a resounding “yes” to the question of using the same card for physical and logical access control with the announcement of the HID on the Desktop alternative to the prohibitively expensive alternatives for logical access control available today.

HID’s president and CEO Denis Hébert, presented a Strategy Briefing outlining the dynamics of our industry that are driving the convergence of physical and logical access control and how HID has responded with HID on the Desktop, a convenient and secure solution that allows users to implement existing physical access control cards to enable logical access control.

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The presentation was followed by a discussion of market trends, customer requirements, and barriers to adoption relating to logical access control and the implementation of two factor authentication by a panel of industry experts. As senior level representatives from Dell, Lenel, Tx Systems, Convergint Technologies provided their perspectives on questions posed by the HID Global moderator, three themes emerged from these diverse organizations. The market is definitely in need of an economical, convenient to use, risk appropriate logical access control solution. Customers need help understanding the overall business case and TCO for adopting this solution (as Tony Varco from Convergint pointed out), rather than dwelling on the thought of how it adopts to IT access security measures. The key to adaptation is education to the integration channel.

Knowledge of the implications of convergence and risk appropriate authentication in today's security landscape is of vital importance to security integrators, developers, consultants, and users.

It was gratifying to extend this knowledge in conjunction with our strategy briefing at ISC West with the addition of industry expert perspectives. Dan DeBlasio Director of Business Development for HID Global moderating a panel comprised of Craig Durr, Senior Marketing Consultant from Dell, Tony Varco, Vice President of Security at Convergint Technologies, Jason Wimp, President of Tx Systems, Mike Regelski, CTO of the Global Security Products Group of UTC Fire and Security, and Tony Ball, Senior Vice President of Identity and Access Management at HID Global.

Listen to the Industry Expert Panel Podcast. Click on the arrow below to hear the discussion:[audio:]