Our New World HQ and North American Operations Center in Austin, Texas is Now Open


I’m pleased to say that yesterday HID Global announced the opening of our new World Headquarters and North American Operations Center in Austin, Texas with an audience of dignitaries that included Chairman Michael T. McCaul (Texas) of the House Homeland Security Committee, State Representative Larry Gonzales, County Commissioner Ron Davis, representatives of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s office, as well as representatives from the offices of Congressmen Flores and the City of Austin.

Our new $35-million 250,000 square foot facility is HID Global’s largest in the world and will include consolidation of our corporate functions, manufacturing, assembly and test operations, distribution and sales operations. It was built on 22 acres in North Austin’s Tech Ridge area and is expected to create 300 new jobs by 2015.  We have initiated our first phase of operations at the state-of-the-art facility ahead of schedule and expect it to be fully operational by Q3 2015, which includes the consolidation of four other facilities previously located in Mountain View, CA, Irvine, CA, Eden Prairie, MN and North Haven, CT.

In his welcoming remarks, HID Global President and CEO Denis Hebert described some of the reasons why the State of Texas had been selected for the facility and touched on the many border security and homeland security issues that we deal with as the producer of U.S. Green Cards and leading provider of secure identity products. Denis’ remarks stated in part:

“This state-of -the art facility epitomizes the ability of the private sector to produce secure identity credentials and produce security products that help insure the security of our nation, in addition to providing hundreds of new, well-paying jobs that will stimulate the local and national economy.”

“HID Global is committed to partnering with U.S. agencies to ensure that the identity credentials that permit entry into the U.S. at our land and sea borders are the most secure and counterfeit-resistant in the world.”

“As Texas is a border state, we understand the need for government policies to address border security. We are happy to share our expertise in this area with members of Congress and the State of Texas Legislature. We’ve been working on these issues with Chairman McCaul of the House Homeland Security Committee, which he heads, and we look forward to continuing this relationship and supporting Chairman McCall’s goals in border security and homeland security.”

In his welcoming remarks, Chairman McCaul stated, “HID Global, a private sector company, now provides 70% of the identification for all federal agencies and also provides the identification cards for the U.S. Green card and so many other instances where their technology can be utilized.”

“HID Global is at the forefront of homeland security issues, they will be extremely helpful in our efforts at the national level to better secure the United States. I am honored to cut ribbon at HID Global's headquarters in Austin this morning. Their work is vital to national security.”

“HID Global’s decision to move their worldwide headquarters to Texas is proof positive that our focus on low taxes, smart regulations, fair courts and a skilled workforce helps create jobs and strengthen our economy,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry said. “I’m pleased HID Global has chosen to call Texas home, and look forward to their continued success in the Lone Star State.”

The opening of our new facility is an exciting development for the company, and I am glad to be part of the HID Global team during these times. 

Check out photos of the event and our new World Headquarters and North American Operations Center.  We are hiring for many positions in Austin, if interested please visit our careers page.