New Product Launch: HID on the Desktop


Marketing is an exciting profession especially when launching a new product …IN PERSON!


What could be better than physically demonstrating a uniquely innovative solution in front of end-customers, channel partners, OEMs and media, receiving instant feedback, initial impressions and comments on how this solution will benefit them and their future prospects.


Last week, we brought our HID on the Desktop solution Launch Tour on the road and took a ‘bite out of the big apple’ (pardon my pun) in NYC. I felt like it was Old Home Week, having the pleasure of catching up with Wayne Vodar, Larry Seltzer and my old buddy, Steve Ludeking (all now with Niscaya). I also reconnected with Tom Echols and my dependable, good friend, Steve Lasky from Security Technology Executive. While it was great to meet up with customers I know, I also had the opportunity to meet new customers like Casey and Alex, from TX Systems. I was sincerely impressed that these two gentlemen not only joined us in NYC, but also came along to our launch event in the Windy City (two days later)! Their commitment to promoting and engaging with HID Global is truly impressive!


I may be partial to NYC (as I was raised in New Jersey), but Chicago took me by surprise! I was never more excited to meet a great group of customers and industry professionals! Customers like Thomas from Dexa, Debra from IdentiSys, long-time industry partner, Laura, from SDM, and best of all: end-customer Joe from Northwestern University.


Space prohibits me from mentioning all the industry partners I reconnected with during our whirlwind tour, but I wanted to write this blog to invite launch tour attendees from NYC and Chicago to provide impressions of the HID on the Desktop solution and the Launch Tour events by commenting on this blog post. I am reaching out to you in hope that you will provide comments and feedback about the tour, the presentation, the demonstration of the solution, etc.


So many great ideas were shared at these tour events, but I’d appreciate hearing your impressions. I would even encourage my colleagues to participate, sharing thoughts with our customers on the value of the feedback from these meetings.


For those of you reading this blog who were unable to attend our first two tour events, HID on the Desktop (HOTD) is our latest solution for converged security environments, enabled by the use of a single credential for both physical and logical access. The same card you use to get in the door can now be used to log onto your PC or laptop-- Convenience meets Security at the Desktop! How convenient is that!?! And, if you don’t have the card yet, no problem. Deployment is simple, affordable and most importantly, secure.


Our next launch tour stop will be “Viva Las Vegas,” during ISC West. If you would like to see a demonstration of HID on the Desktop at ISC West, email me [email protected]. And for those who were unable to attend the first two tour events, click on the link below and you can view a video of our New York event!


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I hope to meet more customers on the road, sharing thoughts and ideas that shape our marketing programs to benefit you--our customers.


And finally, on behalf of HID Global, I thank all of the customers who attended our first two HID on the Desktop Launch Tour events. This blog is in appreciation of all of you and I encourage you to respond to this with your opinions.


That would be my second greatest pleasure to end a great week!