Mobile Access Pilot Companies Tell All at ASIS End-User Event


In my last post about HID Global's activities at ASIS this year, I talked a little bit about our end user panel at the show. So many great insights were shared about the benefits of mobile access and the results from our recent enterprise pilots that I thought it would be interesting to provide more details here.

First, I must say that HID Global was thrilled to have representatives on our end-user panel from Netflix and Good Technology. These companies recently collaborated with us on the industry's first enterprise mobile access pilots that use NFC-enabled smartphones for opening doors with HID Global's iCLASS SE platform (which includes our new iCLASS Seos credentials for use on NFC smartphones). To provide additional valuable insights, the panel also included executives from Equifax and Microsoft, two industry leaders that have also evaluated our mobile access control technology.

A common theme during the discussion was how the pilots reinforced the notion that people treat their mobile phones almost like an extension of their identity. They take them wherever they go, which means that employees in an enterprise mobile access environment are far more likely to forget or misplace their badge or ID card than a phone that carries their ID credentials.

Another interesting theme was how easy mobile access control is to use. Pilot participants were able to get through doors with their smartphones with almost no training, and there was a lot of excitement about the pilots through the entire organizations. Even non-participants were pulling out their phones and trying to present them to the readers to see if they could open doors, too. Once they realized this would only work if they were part of the pilot, many employees asked how they could get involved!

Taking a 40,000-foot view of the future of mobile access, all of the panelists discussed the need for widely available NFC-enabled phones in the market, as well as standards-based solutions to simplify adoption. They also said there was a need for everyone in the industry to be in lockstep, contributing to a shared vision for the deployment and use of mobile credentials. They felt that network operators will also be an important part of this equation and, ultimately, the provisioning process.

All of this is just a small sampling of what was discussed during the event. Click here to watch the entire panel discussion, and you can also check out the mobile access pilot videos here.

I know I speak for all of HID Global when I say how much I appreciate the valuable contributions that Equifax, Netflix, Good Technology and Microsoft made to our end-user panel discussion at ASIS this year. I especially want to thank Good Technology, Netflix and their employees who participated in the pilots. You can be sure that HID Global will have more trials and deployments to share in future so stay tuned!