Middle East ramping up security levels


The 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington DC in 2001 had far-reaching implications for global security. We all remember some of the extra security measures that were introduced in the aftermath of the attacks, like the snaking queues at baggage controls at airport check-ins and the high-profile police presence in our cities.

Part of the reason that the 9/11 hijackers were able to train and live undetected for so long was because they obtained and used falsified ID. In some cases, uncovering their true identity proved to be a lengthy process.

For Middle Eastern governments, this terrorist threat from their own soil motivated them to look again at ID security issues. Since the 2001 attacks, these same governments have invested substantial financial resource in ramping up security to monitor and prevent repeat terrorist atrocities in the future.

This tighter focus on domestic security paved the way for widespread use and acceptance of advanced, high-technology ID cards, labour cards, resident cards and driving licences. Most ID cards in the Middle Eastern countries now incorporate biometric features and applications. This has created unrivalled business opportunities for companies that are able to support these efforts with high-quality products with strong brand recognition.

HID Global is reaping the rewards of a coordinated firm-wide effort to build brand recognition for our Fargo ID card printers, with several Middle Eastern governments already working with us.

We have forged strong relationships with governments, integrators, vendors and contractors in these technology-savvy markets, where high-quality products are crucial to winning the confidence of key decision-makers. And the strength of these relationships has enabled us to win projects that were previously dismissed as unwinnable.

The result? HID is seen as a partner and expert rather than just a provider. We have worked hard to position ourselves as a trusted advisor to government bodies has put us in a very strong position to build on our foothold in the Middle East.