A look into the future of access control during ASIS 2010, Dallas


This was a busy and exciting year for HID Global at ASIS International with a number of key product releases around our new high-frequency and dual-frequency migration solutions...

...as well as strategy announcements of our partnership with Sony and HID’s agreement to acquire ActivIdentity. I would like to thank everyone who stopped our booth to learn about all of the new and exciting HID solutions and those who attended our strategy session where HID president and CEO Denis Hèbert highlighted some of the megatrends he is seeing for 2011.

The briefing presented futuristic concepts for identity management and access control and it was full of useful information. My main take-away from it was that there’s a lot more involved in the business of access control than there used to be.

What do I mean by that?

Denis discussed a number of trends influencing the market that are fundamentally shifting the way we will think about access control in the future. First, he discussed the growing use of a single credential for multiple applications. Not only was he referring to the widely-discussed convergence of physical access and logical access control, but also the move to adding even more applications, such as vending and open- and closed-looped payment transactions, to that same credential. Moving into the future, he said the concept of a ‘federated’ identity that can be shared across potential use scenarios is where the market is heading.

Another major trend highlighted by Denis is credential virtualization, where a credential is now being defined as an identifier of an individual versus being defined as the access card itself. “So the question for 2011 will be how to take that credential and use it somewhere else, in a different form factor,” said Denis. “Virtual credentials can be widely available and much more convenient, where they will no longer need to be physically distributed to end users. Instead, these credentials can be deployed to whatever media you choose, such as mobile phones and other mobile devices.”
Denis closed with the fact that the engine behind these trends will be a new focus on the trust of interoperability. For example, if an individual is using a credential for a variety of applications and their identity no longer on a card but instead is housed on a mobile device such a mobile phone, how can we be sure it is a trusted, secure device? Stay tuned for HID’s chief technology officer Dr. Selva Selvaratnam’s response to this pressing question.

Watch HID Global president and CEO Denis Hèbert’s strategy briefing video for his complete outlook on 2011 megatrends.

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