The London Metropolitan Police and the Printing Industry...


Joining forces to prevent criminals from creating false identity documents.

Enter Project Genesius - a simple but effective project to help printer manufacturers figure out:

How well do you know your customers?
Do you know what they are making using your technology, equipment, supplies or even advice?
Who do you inform if you are worried about orders for your goods that don’t add up or ring alarm bells?

Project Genesius has been set up by the Metropolitan Police to help answer these questions.

And HID Global is working with the major manufacturers of thermal card printers, embossers and many companies that supply the consumables for them, to raise awareness of just how easy it is for criminals to obtain the equipment needed to create thousands of fake identity documents.

We offer advice on how to recognise a suspicious order, what to do if you receive one, and how to protect your company from being used by criminals to obtain the supplies they need.

You can prevent many such orders by signing up with the project (all completely free of charge) and using the Metropolitan Police’s specially designed logo on your company website and the part of the effort to deter criminal activity.

We are requesting companies in the printer industry to come on board with this project in order to make it harder for criminals to ply their trade. Project Genesius is not just for London - we liaise with police forces all over the UK, within Europe and across the world.

All companies supplying equipment, products or know-how that could be used in any part of the process of making false identity documents (including passports, national ID cards, or credit type cards) are encouraged to contact us for further details and join HID in the fight against ID fraud.

Email [email protected] and we will send you more information on how to join.