Keepin’ it Real


This year’s recently concluded ASIS tradeshow at the Anaheim Convention Center, provided HID Global with a great opportunity to get “real.”


By presenting a real outlook on the economy’s effect on the company’s business at HID Global’s Strategy Briefing, president and CEO Denis Hébert captivated the audience by discussing the impact of the last 18 months on the company and the industry. His presentation, entitled “Real Solutions to Real Problems in Uncertain Times,” was well-received and well-attended.


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Following his strategy briefing presentation, Denis handed over the reins to HID Director of Business Development, Sheila Stromberg, who introduced a keynote panel of presenters from end-user organizations that have benefited from HID solutions. Each of the presenters—Scott Goodson (Thomson Reuters), Bhavesh Patel (Genzyme) and Bill Phillips (CMA)—presented on real issues facing their organizations, the real processes each organization used to address their issues and the real solutions they successfully deployed to solve large business dilemmas during these challenging times.

The presentations were specific to each company’s organizational constraints, and yet each held common aspects that many in the audience could relate to. Tight deadlines? How about Scott’s 60,000 cards in 6 weeks. Justifying ROI? Bhavesh’s multiple application installation was a gutsy, but cost-effective move for Genzyme. Overcoming disparate systems to consolidate onto a successful common platform? Bill’s presentation proved that convergence is not just a buzzword, but is in action at CMA offices around the globe.

So, a BIG thanks goes out to our customers, partners and other ASIS attendees who came to hear the real truth: that real companies face and overcome real challenges.

(As an aside: I appreciate that Denis was able to speak on HID’s response to the economy. A number of audience members I spoke to, particularly from the media, noted that industry leaders have been pretty tight-lipped on this controversial topic. While it often feels like the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, Denis’ willingness to speak candidly on how global conditions have affected the company lends credence to his ability to lead “the trusted advisor.”)