Interoperability Solutions: Into the 21st Century


Speaking at the UITP Expo Forum in Vienna last week, I was excited to have the opportunity to talk directly about system, reader and product interoperability to urban transport and mobility professionals.

As director of integration projects at HID Global, I was keen to share some of my insights into this area of increasing importance and demand since HID Global has been hard at work understanding both the cautions and the opportunities of reader interoperability issues in the transportation industry.

One of the things that I heard was how the concern over the scale of implementing an interoperability project was creating some operators to conduct extensive research and even cause delays in beginning their projects. Another issue that is on people’s minds is the expense associated with implementing an interoperable or converged system for automatic fare collection. Both are understandable and valid concerns but when you look at teams that have recently completed implementing interoperability solutions, it’s clear that there are real rewards to moving forward.

Anticipating wide usage of broad systems is one of the surest ways to ensure that any project meets needs now, in the future and therefore results in the lowest total cost of ownership. At HID, it has been my pleasure to work on and develop cards and reader products that ensure stable card supply and usability across systems. By trusting integrators and manufacturing partners who design to standards and have a mindset of interoperability, you can be confident in investing in the best fitting product for a specific application, and have that solution continue to meet your growing business, whether local or national in scale.

Moving into the increasingly tech-savvy and convenience-focused 21st Century, HID is focused on creating customer value with our products to ensure the best results for our customers and end-users. We develop and build to standards that support our interoperability position. Smooth interoperability implementations are possible. HID Global’s technology complies with ISO standards and HID is positioned to provide products to service readers in the field with suitable upgrades. Regardless of card products origins, our readers work with existing systems. Besides readers, we offer cards, key fobs, as well as prelaminates. As the demand for interoperable solutions grows for cost-efficient systems around the world, our proven expertise in secure, contactless technology means we are in an ideal position to participate in projects of ANY size or scope -- on the reader side, on the token side - or both.

I was excited to hear the feedback from UITP Forum attendees directly, and to meet with high-level decision makers in the transportation industry. With the opportunity to answer their questions and concerns in person, I am more confident now than ever before that HID Global has what it takes to move reader interoperability into the 21st century with superior efficiency and versatility.