How can HID's EasyLobby solutions improve an organization's image?


We're always explaining the many advantages of using our visitor management software. But often overlooked is the benefit of improving an organization's image by helping manage visitors more professionally.

It's easy to see how visitor management improves security by identifying, screening, and tracking who is in your facilities and the reason why. Improving ones image is less clear, but can be just as important. So let's examine it more closely.

What does a visitor see when entering a building, maybe for the first time? Everything looks professional and impressive in the lobby. They go to the front desk and the lobby attendant points to a visitor book on the counter and asks them to sign in. After they do so the attendant hands them a paper "Hello My Name Is" stick-on badge. Maybe they write the visitor's name on it, or ask the visitor to do so themselves.

First impressions are important and right from the outset, this could be viewed as "low tech" and unprofessional. Maybe the guest is wondering, "I could be anyone. How do they know? And who else are they letting in?"

In fact¸ if he or she is a salesperson they are probably scanning the sign-in book to see who else has visited and from what companies. Other vendors are likely doing the same.

But the real problem here is that the organization has failed at a most basic level to ensure the guest adheres to their specific requirements when visitors enter their buildings. Rather than managing visitors haphazardly, professional visitor management allows organizations to do it in a structured, planned way.

The first thing to understand is that HID's EasyLobby solution automates the entire check-in process by scanning a driver's license or other ID and recording that information. Using drop-down menus, the lobby attendant can gather additional information. Once the information is captured, it only takes seconds to print a professional visitor badge that clearly identifies that guest with pertinent information.

This ensures that, right from the start, the identity of the guest is validated in a professional manner. But then there's the issue of managing visitors properly and ensuring they adhere to the organizations' policies.

Each organization has its own unique requirements: outside contractors may need to be certified after a certain number of visits; or a partner needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement after one week; or a temporary employee could be required to watch an HR video on their first visit. The beauty of our EasyLobby software is that you can tailor it to alert anyone to most any situation.

And here's the point of all this.

By managing visitors professionally and efficiently, organizations can dramatically improve the first (and lasting) impressions they make on visitors, which can be crucial to enhancing your corporate image.

So take note the next time you visit an organization and they ask you to sign a visitor log book. What about your organization? Are you currently using a paper-based visitor log book? If so, check out HID's EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management solution.

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