HID Global’s new FARGO® DTC Printers are here!


Have you ordered yours?
This week, HID Global announced our new line of FARGO DTC printer/encoders for organizations of all sizes that require personalized identity badges.

This is an exciting time for us: It has been two years since the last launch of a FARGO printer solution, and the new line is also the first to be released under the HID Global brand. The new industry-leading FARGO DTC printers consist of three models:

• The cost-effective DTC1000 is an entry-level printer for small organizations;
• The professional-level DTC4000 printer is for small- to medium-size organizations with greater security and scalability requirements;
• The advanced, DTC4500 professional printer is geared towards large corporations and government organizations with high-volume needs.

HID is taking orders for the new DTC printer line immediately, with product shipment beginning on September 3rd, 2010. So if you already have an older DTC printer, you can now trade it in for a new top-of-the-line FARGO solution through our UpTrade promotion. And if you do not already have a FARGO printer, all new FARGO DTC printer/encoders are available immediately through our worldwide network of distribution partners and system integrators. Click here to find an integrator near you.

Also, we’ve completely redesigned our entire direct-to-card printer webpage so customers can easily find the right ID card printer for your industry and application by clicking here. You can also compare the features of each of the new printers and learn all about the new and exciting line.


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