HID Global Ideally Positioned to Offer Real Value to Customers in APAC


After my first year representing HID Global in the APAC region, I am more excited than ever about the expanding opportunities for RFID applications and HID Global's readiness to lead these advancements.

HID Global recently exhibited at AIDC/RFID China, the trade show that explores the Internet of Things (IOT). Utilizing computers, the Internet and mobile communications networks, the IOT is a scenario where unique objects and their whereabouts are identified and inventoried by computers in an Internet-like environment. Employing RFID technology is seen as a prerequisite or enabler to connect various everyday objects intelligently and wirelessly. Many IT specialists, economists, entrepreneurs and government officials believe that this convergence of technologies will drive considerable economic development worldwide.

I am proud to say, no company is better positioned to help lead this development than HID. And in the sometimes challenging Chinese marketplace, I am happy to represent HID and partner with integrators, suppliers and developers to sell our products in this territory. With highly experienced engineering and testing teams in Switzerland and operations and production teams in Asia, we offer simultaneously offer innovation and value benefits to customers.

HID Global has a legacy of success and holds patents on direct bonding technology used to connect contactless antennas to microchips - using fully automated technology which contributes to unsurpassed product reliability. HID is no small start-up; we can support and respond to customer needs in the long term. This is where true value lies.

We are successful in the animal identification, and industry and logistics segments in Asia because customers recognize the greater value they are getting for their technology investments when they partner with HID Global. HID brings decades of manufacturing and RFID technology expertise, having helped systems integrators, manufacturers, and end-user customers solve some of the most complex secure identity challenges in the world.

In addition to HID expertise and optimized production processes, APAC customers recognize a slew of value-added benefits that support doing business with the industry leader, including on-time delivery, global distribution, and continuing product innovation.

It's not hard to support and sell an RFID tag portfolio in China. My customers know the value they receive when they partner with HID. So although low-price tags are available on the Chinese market, our customers still firmly partner with us as they value HID product reliability and durability and the support they receive. Customers like the fact that HID can consistently supply them with advice along with large volumes of tags of the highest quality.

What do you believe customers value most about HID? Add your comments below.