Driving Innovation in Secure Identity (Part 1)


To quote Aneesh Chopra, who last year was appointed the nation’s first Federal Chief Technology Officer, “You can’t innovate without taking a gamble every now and then.”

These were apt words for the many security professionals who converged in Las Vegas this month at HID Global’s annual strategy briefing, where president and CEO Denis Hébert presented HID Global's innovative strategies that provide significant advances in secure-access and identity-management technology, products, solutions and programs.

During the briefing, Denis discussed the company’s strategy as the industry looks forward to business recovery and an improved economic climate in 2010. By most accounts, a recovery is underway, and Denis said that HID and other companies can speed up recovery by accelerating innovation. The security industry might not be as broadly known for driving innovation as other industries, but HID and its Advantage HID Channel Partners are going to change that!

For HID, it all starts with a core group of key technology tenets, including making sure that there is a comprehensive ecosystem of interoperable solutions, as enabling virtualization through things such as near field communication (NFC), which lets a mobile phone to be used as a credential. “Our world is changing, and these types of solutions are becoming a reality,” Denis explained. “It's not just somebody's pipedream. The whole concept of end-to-end secure transactions should apply to the security industry.”

What is the future of secure identity? One of the new initiatives and platforms that HID Global will be launching later this year is its new Trusted Identity Platform™, or TIP, which is an innovative framework for the future delivery of secure products and services. In short, it’s a secure identity system that is based on a chain of custody, in which all end points in a system or network are validated so that identity transactions between them can be trusted at anytime, on demand. “We believe this is the future of the physical security world,” Denis said.

Stay tuned for Part 2 that will share the perspectives from six distinguished panelists during ISC West, hosted by Holly Sacks.


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