The Convergence of technology beyond locks and readers


Today’s solutions to security are in many ways substantially different than when I started out in the lock and security industry.

As CTO of ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, I have the privilege of sharing the driver’s seat with many talented people on the fantastic ride we’re currently on, both as a company and as an industry.

Though ASSA ABLOY is a fairly young company, being in business for 15 years, the lock industry is one of the oldest in the world. Historically, people only needed mechanical locks and keys to secure their belongings and homes. A big, heavy and visible lock was a good thing, keeping thieves away by its very sight. Today, our security needs are still similar, yet very different. We travel more. We’re mobile. We’re online. We need more than just a lock and a key. We need security, safety and convenience. And today, these needs are converging with technology.

Technological convergence has become a reality thanks to the rapid developments taking place within the electronic industry, where processor speed, memory capacity and miniaturization has given us new opportunities. We all have cell phones that we use for things other than what the phone was originally intended for- giving someone a call. We manage our e-mail, we listen to music, we take photos of our friends and family and we Google for information or we find our location via GPS-apps.

Convergence is no longer a trend, it’s a fact. And it will take us further.

The new demands for converged solutions makes HID’s technologies and expertise the perfect match for ASSA ABLOY. Let me give you some examples. Locks are becoming more intelligent as reader technology becomes part of the lock. We have successfully used HID RFID technologies in Aperio, our wireless access control technology. Our Hospitality division also uses HID technology for their hotel solutions. But the key of the future is no longer necessarily mechanical or card-based; with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology the mobile phone can be your new key where electronic keys are sent over the air or via the Internet, which means increased security demand on the way we communicate. HID’s Secure Identity Infrastructure (SDI) and Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) are developed to take care of these increasing demands and are differentiating us from the competition.

The challenge is to use the technological opportunities in a smart way. We should always keep in mind that convergence should make life simpler for the customer. As the global leader in door opening solutions, we take on this challenge, creating new, intelligent solutions, beyond today’s locks and readers. The solution to our customers’ problems and demands is our focus.

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