Posted: 07/21/09

Trade shows, product launches and technology announcements make headlines. But behind the scenes, there is lots of hard work that often goes unnoticed.

Last week, HID Global took another step forward in making things more efficient for Product Marketing Managers, Product Line Managers, Marcom Managers, Engineers and Project Managers by...

Posted: 07/07/09

At the beginning of each new year, almost all of us make New Year’s Resolutions. How many of us take the time mid-year to look back to measure on how we’ve done or take a few moments to look forward and course correct?

Last year, when I asked customers what we could do to earn more of their business, their gut response was to ask for a lower price. Being with HID for 9 years, where we...

Posted: 12/17/08

As we move into 2009, we’re seeing a key vertical industry segment that should help accelerate the widespread adoption of secure card issuance technology: the financial services industry.

Retail banking organizations are seeking instant issuance based on a desire for immediate customer convenience.

Imagine if you could walk into a bank, open a new credit card account and...