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Posted: 19 Dec 2019
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HID Origo™デベロッパーポータルの公開を発表できることを光栄に思います。このポータルでは、従業員の物理的およびデジタル的なエクスペリエンスをテクノロジーと融合させるアプリやAPIインテグレーションの開発に必要なツールとサポートを、技術パートナーに提供します。

HID Globalのクラウドサービスと物理アクセス制御担当の副社長であるHilding Arrehedは、「HIDの物理アクセス・クラウド・プラットフォームHID Origoは、今年(2019年)の1月にリリースされました。当社のソフトウェア開発キット(SDK)やアプリケーションプログラムインターフェース(API)と統合するパートナーは増え続けており、...

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Posted: 29 Oct 2019
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Posted: 01 Jul 2016
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It is no surprise that smartphones have become an all-purpose tool relied upon to share information, make transactions and engage the user in multiple activities. More importantly from a global perspective, smartphones - endowed with massive computing power - provide the technology platform for a host of interesting and life-changing applications many of which are deployed in emerging and...

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Posted: 12 May 2016
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Banks must innovate to increase profitability, grow market share and drive the next phase of their transformation to digital, experience-driven banking services. Success is built on a mobile-first strategy and the ability to generate rich, analytics-driven insights from which banks can personalize their approach to engage with customers and for customer acquisition.

The mobile...

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Posted: 11 Mar 2016
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A survey of Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) was recently conducted to gauge the interest in mobile driver’s licenses. In a sample of the 69 jurisdictions that issue driver’s licenses in North America, approximately one-third of them indicated either interest or planning for the move to offering mobile driver’s licenses to citizens in the future. We expect that this trend will only...

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Posted: 27 Jan 2016
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A new era of secure connected identities will fuel innovation in how we work, shop and play.

Last week, I discussed the industry’s increased focus on streamlining security to enhance the overall user experience.  This can only be accomplished by ensuring that security is a “given,” where people can easily and confidently go about their daily lives. 

And, after...

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Posted: 22 Jan 2016
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Security will move to a much greater focus on the user experience.

When it comes to security, I see the industry rapidly moving from security-driven to a very experience-driven conversation. Today’s question is, "How do we make it easier for people to go about their daily lives…and how do we make that happen?”   Customers are...

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Posted: 14 Jan 2016
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The use of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is heating up with the popularity of mobile payments and other applications, which begs the question, “What else could I do with NFC-enabled phones?” After attending many NFC and RFID conferences this year, I can certainly say that there are a lot of...

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Posted: 13 Jan 2016
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Mobilizing Security for a Better User Experience

HID Global is watching five key developing trends that will shape the secure identity landscape in the new year.  One of the top developments we are seeing is the move to “mobilizing” security, which will make it more pervasive and personalized.

As we do more with...

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